Residential Low Pressure House Washing

Your home is one of the largest investments that you will ever make. Using high pressure to clean your home can cause damage to your property and in some cases injury to others. We Safely and effectively clean your home using our low pressure methods. This means that we allow our custom blended cleaners that are tailored to your specific needs to loosen the dirt, grime and buildup on your home. Our professional grade equipment uses about the same pressure as your garden hose with emphasis on the ability to reach hard to get to places without ever using a ladder. Call us to schedule your home for A Better Clean! 843-826-3033

Residential Concrete Cleaning

Your concrete becomes dirty over time, just like your home but it most cases most homeowners don’t know that the concrete has changed until it has been cleaned propery, showing off the hardscape that was once covered. Our Trained professionals use some of the best equipment in the industry to get a deep down clean on your concrete. We use uniquely blended soaps that match the stains that we will be cleaning. This is a 4 step process that provides the best cleaning possible for your concrete. Call to give your concrete A Better Clean! 843-826-3033

Wood Cleaning

Your deck or fence turns grey over a period of time as it’s exposed to the elements. In shaded areas your wood surfaces can also take on mold causing it to appear spotty in those areas. We can safely clean your wood surfaces using our low pressure solutions, taking extra care not to damage these softer surfaces. Call us to give your wood surfaces A Better Clean! 843-826-3033

Commercial building and Concrete Cleaning

As your business draws more traffic in, this means increased foot traffic entering and exiting the building. Also restaurant drive-throughs experience more vehicle traffic. We can efficiently clean your building during the hours that work best for your business. When we clean your concrete, we use our hot water systems to remove built up grease, oil and food that’s been left behind. We focus on cleaning your concrete during hours the business is closed to make sure that there are no customers exposed to the cleaning process. Our built in lighting systems help ensure that each spot is cleaned thoroughly. Make your business stand out with A Better Clean! 843-826-3033

Rust Removal

Sometimes rust appears in places you didn’t think they could. We have the proper cleaners and training to take care of any unsightly rust that could possibly permanently damage your property. Ask us how we can provide you careful and proper rust removal for your specific project. A Better Clean Can take care of jobs of all sizes! 843-826-3033

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